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    Ladakh is a grand and unexplored wonderland of the Himalayas. Ladakh, the past Buddhist realm is fabulously barbed. Bone-dry mountains, drastically delegated rough outcrops, beautiful gompas, meditational mani dividers, and multi-shaded banners are not many of the numerous locales that epitomize the magnificence of Ladakh. The even customary society of Ladakh has a lot to bring to the table the West as far as biological mindfulness.


    Arranged at a height of 2750 – 7672 meters above ocean level, Ladakh is to be sure honored with inconceivable geology that contains bumpy landscapes, high elevation tops, and rich green fields.


    A portion of the famous vacationer areas of interest in Ladakh incorporate Alchi and Nubra Valley. . It is home to the uncommon natural life including the Tibetan impala, ibex, and yak.


    Still unadulterated by advancement, Ladakh is the place where you’ll encounter life halting when you straightforwardly speak with nature and tranquility around.

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